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Olivia Publishing House feel proud to invite you to the KIDZMATE’S WORLD of logical presentation, full of fun filled, intresting, provoking action packed activity oriented early learning system. It’s mandatory that we need to sincerely thank your trust on Olivia’s sensible Research and Development towards linking life skill education process to reach more and more beginners effectively.

As experienced educationists always insist, the illustrative part of the basics must be learnt by heart and the concepts must be explained, recognized and understood by the early learners. This is included with vast range of illustrations and to work on DO & LEARN inter - active activities to remember, recall and respond confidently on concept appeals.

Here is yet another simple term wise presentation entitled “KIDZMATE” . This new series is sequenced with all new modern thoughts and innovations to conquer the complete concentration and attention of the whole class. The educational bureau insists updates on logical presentations and various modulations on concept studies to prepare the students more accurate on the fundamentals.

The content is sequenced in such a way that, the basics, literacy, numeracy and the general awareness topics are co - ordinated with utmost simplicity and elegant pagination. Every topic is followed by Interesting activites to evaluate individuals which will take the whole class into the next competent level. As guided and implemented effectively, we are sure your children will enjoy every moment of their schooling and be happy towards “KIDZMATE”.